CONCEPTIONES offers creative services for the fashion and interior decoration industry. You can select from our existing portfolio or we can create artistic proposals specific to the needs of fashion designers or manufacturers of decorative products. (Wallpaper, textiles, paintings and posters, ceramic cloths, etc.)
The expertly curated CONCEPTIONES portfolio of fine art is wall-to-wall with stunning pieces of original art. Our photographers, graphic designers and illustrators, scour the international art, fashion and interior design markets to anticipate the future trends.
Our collections consist in a wide array of photographic art, original paintings, drawings, illustrations, digital artwork, and photographs. Our artworks are then developed for professional and industrial prints, whatever the medium.
Whatever your motivation for purchasing art may be, rest assured that every CONCEPTIONES piece has been carefully chosen for its ability to complement a clothing product or a physical space while inspiring the mind and soul.
The works of our artists span a variety of fine art genres and provide a wide palette that enables you to fully to increase the creative level and originality of your products and ultimately stand out from the competition in a crowded dynamic market.
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